A Day Without News?

February 22nd 2015, marks the two year anniversary of A Day Without News? and three years since the deaths of our colleagues Marie Colvin and Remi Ochlik in Homs, Syria. 

It was their deaths at the hands of the Syrian Authorities that inspired us to launch the campaign to lobby for more support for our colleagues.

We set three objectives and with your support and that of our community we have achieved a great deal in just one year.

We ask you to continue to help us raise awareness and support our goal to end impunity and bring perpetrators to justice.

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Our thanks to our colleagues at CPJ and RSF

Watch the UN Secretary-General's message of support for A Day Without News?.


Key Supporters

Aidan Sullivan - VP Photo Assignment, Getty Images

Adrees Latif - Editor-in-Charge US Pictures, Reuters

Anthony Holland Parkin - Creative Director, Getty Images

Ban Ki-moon - Secretary-General of the United Nations

Ben Lowy - Photojournalist

Barbara Griffin - Head of Photography, Turner Broadcasting

Bob Nickelsberg - Photojournalist and OPC representative

Brent Stirton - Photojournalist

Carroll Bogert - Human Rights Watch

Cat Colvin - Marie Colvin's sister

Christiane Amanpour - CNN

David Friend - Editor Creative Development, Vanity Fair

David Turnley - Photojournalist

Delphine Halgand - Reporters Without Borders

Don McCullin MBE - Photojournalist

Eliane Laffont

Elisbabeth Biondi - Biondi Photo

Emilie Blachere - Remi Ochlik's girlfriend

Emma Daly - Human Rights Watch

Gary Knight - Photojournalist

Helen Brown - MediaCom

James Nachtwey - Photojournalist

Jamie Welford

Jean Francois LeRoy - Director, Visa Pour L'image

Jerome Sessini - Photojournalist

Joel Simon - Exec Director, Committee to Protect Journalists

John Moore - Photojournalist 

Jon Jones - Director of Photography, Sunday Times Magazine

Jonathan Klein - Co-founder/CEO, Getty Images

Jonathan Torgovnik - Photojournalist

Judith Matloff - Columbia Graduate School of Journalism

Kira Pollock - Director of Photography, Time Magazine

Lauren Wendle - Publisher, PDN

Louise Kerslake - Senior Producer, BBC News

Lynsey Adarrio - Photojournalist

Maarten Koets - Dep Director, World Press Photo

Marcus Bleasdale - Photojournalist

Maria Miller -  UK Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport 

Marie Brenner - Writer at Large, Vanity Fair

Michiel Munneke - Managing Director, World Press Photo

Mike Kamber - Photojournalist

Nicole Tung - Photojournalist

Olivier Laurent - Senior Journalist, BJP

Pancho Bernasconi - DoP, Getty Images News

Patrick Chauvel - Writer/Photojournalist

Patrick Di Nola - Reportage Manager, Getty Images

Patrick Llewellyn - Reportage Photo Editor, Getty Images

Paul Conroy - Sunday Times

Regis Le Sommier - Dep Editor, Paris Match

Sara Solfanelli - MediaCom

Sarah Cleveland - Human Rights Institute, Columbia University

Sean Ryan - Foreign Editor, London Sunday Times

Sebastian Junger - Writer/Journalist, Vanity Fair

Sir Daniel Bethlehem - QC

Sonya Fry - Executive Director, Overseas Press Club

Stephen Mayes - Managing Director, Vll

Susan White - Director of Photography, Vanity Fair

Tina Carr - Director, Rory Peck Trust

Tom Craig - Photojournalist

Tom Stoddart - Photojournalist 

Victoria Hetherington - Tim Hetherington's sister

Whitney Johnson - Director of Photography, New Yorker

Yuri Kozyrev - Photojournalist

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